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"The exhausted sky" is to speculate the power, fear, and the victims among humans and the societies. It is investigated by the atomic bomb, the most powerful technology human ever made in its entire history. And this ultimate power created by splitting the atom was used on other human beings, whatever the reasons and causes behind it. It has created the fear which permeates the whole world and is manipulated by the power.

The project has started in Berlin, 2013, where the nuclear fission was discovered in 1938 and the execution of the atomic bomb has become the reality during the world war 2. It has continued to Hiroshima in 2015, where the victims of the atomic bomb have been laid since 1945, and the Trinity nuclear test site in 2017, where the culmination of the economy and science technology revealed its power as the ultimate weapon in the first time. Eerie enough, by connecting these three locations, it makes a huge complete isosceles triangle covering the earth by Berlin as the vertex. 

"The exhausted sky" delves into entrusting itself with the void, where "Idea of Imagination" exists. Although "Idea" itself is unknown and invisible, it is the light to persevere with the heterogeneous powers of resistance in the reality on earth.